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Who We Are

Who We Are

Established in August 2014, L.I.F.E Parenting Academy has continued to promote kingdom parenting values and culture in its sphere of influence.

We strongly believe that children are God’s solutions to man-made problems and advocate that they must be raised in positive, faith filled nurturing environments.

What We Offer


We offer Periodic and Certified training to Church workers who work with children and marriage counselors who counsel preparing or young couples to understand the fundamentals of parenting according to God’s principles.


We run open seminars on our core areas of Competence. We charge a token for these courses. These can be done for a ministry requesting for our products or at our office address.

Impact Investing

We are committed to ensuring that 10% of proceeds from our training programmes are used in facilitating the educational development of orphans. We call this Impact investing.

Digital Books and Videos

Parenting through Knowledge. Get our books and videos now!

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Seminar for Children Ministry, Kindergarten and School Teachers

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Strengthening Values

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Today on Positive Parenting we will be discussing Role modelling: providing positive models for Character development and reinforcement. In Acts 1:2 we ...
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Every parent never ceases to worry about how purposeful their parenting is or will be. We always worry about outcomes, ...
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Purposeful Parenting

#Purposeful Parenting is a movement to change parenting values in Nigeria and globally. We care about children and want to share pro biblical principles to parents through seminars, parenting in the workplace seminars, conferences and training programmes. We focus on parents, church pastors, teachers and organizations to promote biblical parenting values facilitation and research. You can partner with us by engaging your local church, small group network and your organization for a token fee. You also benefit finally when your participation engages a large scale event.
Purposeful Parenting
Purposeful Parenting3 weeks ago
Six years ago, I commenced my research interest in parenting education and child care advocacy. That search has led me to create the LIFE Parenting Academy and make these conclusions about the bane of parenting in Africa are the unavailability of education in preparing parents for the responsibility and life long task of caring for a family and the lack of experts who provide specialist services.

The flier on the head mast has been designed for parents and teachers in whatever capacity they teach whether as volunteers and full time professionals. The course will involve the following topics:

1. The Post Modern Teacher /Queenette Enilama
2. The Practical Teacher in a Technological Classroom/Buomo'a Sagay
3. Effective Teaching in a Post modern Classroom/Adewumi
4. Paper Craft Practicals/Papercraft Academy

St Paul's Nursery & Primary School Hall

Saturday February 16th 2019

With just #15,000 you will be able to grab a whole lot of content plus a free book on Teaching Essentials.

Fees should be paid into KeenVision Learning Resources Limited, 325347232, GTBank.

Early bird registration gives you a 5% discount. But the first 40 people to sign up with confirmed payments will receive a 10% discount on course fees.

Once you pay into the designated account, send us an sms with your teller number, email and your name to 08037046123 and we will revert with all the information you need. Why wait! Hurry!!!
Purposeful Parenting
Purposeful Parenting is with Iyayi Samson in Lagos, Nigeria.4 weeks ago
Wishing you a merry Christmas!!! We are BIG on Family!
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Purposeful Parenting4 weeks ago
The Big Deal With Computer Games

Computer games do have many positive benefits inspite of the negatives that are often reported like addiction. This url https://www.iflscience.com/brain/playing-video-games-good-your-brain-here-s-how/ is among many sites that I have studied to give me an understanding of the impact of computer games on the mind and the brain. Dealing with teens who pay so much of it can be a headache. But here is the opportunity that comes with it; it is a great bonding time with family.

Second of all, your teenager is perfectly normal. He or she is in the stage when kids like to explore and do lots of adventurous things. So don't worry about it. What you want to do about it is let him or her know how playing too much of computer games can either help his or her studies or mess him or her up in terms of the value he places on time. He/she needs to understand that time is a currency and once wasted can not be redeemed. The Bible describes time management as moderation.

So what should our strategy be? Follow this 3 step process to help you make a good use of this precious treasure - time.

First, pray about his/her heart. The heart is where the issue is not in behaviour. Ask God to touch his/her heart and help him/her to listen to you when you do talk to him/her. And in talking to him/her do not berate or judge them. Affirm them. Take him/her out for a baseball game and use that time out to talk.

Second, find out everything you can from the internet about computer games, its positives and merits. Your teenager is a generation Z teen and might know more than you do. So be informed and let him/her know you have taken time to study about this.

Third, moderate the amount of time he/she spends with the games. How? Prepare a contract that details what your expectations for his/her performance at school is. You must be very detailed. Both of you should sign it. You will be teaching them through this a very important principle in the Bible: Two can not work together except they are in agreement.

Do tell others - your friends and network- about my work with families. And do not hesitate to inform me about your progress with your teen. You are a great parent.

Samson Iyayi
HR Expert | Author | Parenting Educator
0818 3660 475, 0803 7046 123
Purposeful Parenting
Purposeful Parenting4 weeks ago
A seminar about paper craft props for effective teaching of concepts and teaching innovations of the Post Modern classroom
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Take Your Parenting to a new Paradigm. Learn Paper craft and improve communication with your children. Register now!!!